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This work presents a small sample of what Mufida Art Mosaic produces. The aim of this mosaic gallery is to showcase a variety of art mosaic wall hangings and to highlight to you the intricate colorful patterns and magnificent images that we painstakingly create. To view our mosaic tile portraits collection click (here).

Mufida Art Mosaic can transform any design of high quality mosaic shape, portrait, personage, painting reproduction, animal drawings, landscape, company logo (simple or complicated) to a mosaic tile wall portrait at a cost of $445 per square meter. Create a unique touch to your home, office, or garden with mosaic tile wall hangings, pictures, and motifs. We provide customization, shipping, packing and service with very competitive prices.

handmade crafts of mosaic medalion
art mosaic tile wall

Installation of mosaic clay portrait

All mosaic portraits could be fixed any place indoor, outdoor being resistant to sun, snow and rain. A great investment for your home, office or as a gift.

art mosaic fish tile wall

art mosaic animal tile wall

Each mosaic portrait is quick and simple to install and does not require any special tools or skills. Installation of the mosaic portrait is carried out in a similar manner as installing standard ceramic tiles. Although there is no need to be installed by a professional but we would recommend this for larger mosaic portraits.

art mosaic tile wall portrait
art mosaic tile wall portrait

To install it on the wall or on the ceiling, you can glue it to a wooden panel and fix it to the wall.

Step1 Gently remove the paper backing from the mosaic wall portrait.

Step2 Apply wall tile adhesive to the area in which the mosaic portrait to be installed.

art mosaic showcase landscape tile wall portrait

Step3 Place and gently level the mosaic into the tile adhesive, utilizing a wooden block to even the level of the mosaic portrait.

Step4 After 24hrs, apply tile grout to the mosaic portrait, removing any access grout with a damp cloth prior to drying.

mosaic tile wall mosaic art tile wall

Step5 Once the tile grout is dry, apply a marble tile sealant (available from most leading DIY stores) to the mosaic to seal the marble and bring out the individual characteristics or each tile.

Step6 Enjoy the life long beauty of your very own, individual mosaic wall portrait.


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